Mission Statement

Believing in the potential of every child, we at Nurture & Nature use evidence-based learning strategies and the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to change behavior and positively impact the lives of the families we serve. Nurture & Nature creates individualized behavioral intervention, social skills, and adaptive skills treatment plans to further the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to provide the highest quality behavioral treatment by collaborating with families to establish meaningful goals, building communication and enhancing confidence to impart a love of learning that will give families a multitude of strategies and tools to advance their child’s development and skill acquisition.



Fostering independence for children and adults who may need additional supports for independent living skills.  Nurture and Nature will provide individualized program plans that target socially valid objectives by utilizing reinforcing and evidence-based teaching strategies to teach people with autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, communication disorders, genetic disorders, and others in need of services. 


Our focus is to work in partnership by continuing to provide strong lines of communication with the families, case management, and funding sources through proactive verbal communications, email, phone correspondence and data driven written reports. Nurture and Nature offers Behavioral Service and Adaptive Skills Training services in the following geographical areas: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Cultural Diversity

Nurture and Nature works in collaboration with families to provide effective treatment that is aligned to local, state and federal legislation.  We believe cultural diversity is unique for each family and cultural beliefs are a prized source of strength that is recognized as an integral part of our shared process-based philosophy to provide efficacious treatment.

Nurture and Nature does not deny services based upon citizenship or social status, marital status or parental status, cohabitation status, political affiliation, labor organization membership and/or affiliation, religion, race, creed or color, national origin, age, sex, sexual preference and/or sexual orientation, diagnosis, or handicap. 

Our staffing policies reflect ongoing cultural diversity training with efforts made to recruit, hire and train staff from diverse cultural backgrounds in a recognized effort to serve communities.  Nurture and Nature provides support services for children and families that reflect helpful administrative services where reasonable cultural differences will be respected and followed.