Why and How?

Measuring behavior allows the Nurture & Nature team and parents, information regarding the degree of performance discrepancy as compared to typically developing peers.  This information is provided prior to intervention to determine baseline measures from which to generate goals. Measurement within the intervention period serves as an objective basis by which to assess progress, teaching procedures and program modifications, as necessary. A trained observer records the target behavior in a specific period of time (e.g. observation period) in either natural settings or contrived settings to inform programming and progress.

What type of data will be collected?


In addition to client history and files from the referring source, data collection will be consistent with the relevant dimension of the targeted skill.  Data will measure the     duration, intensity and frequency of the behavior.  Commonly, Nurture & Nature will use frequency/rate and percentage of opportunity data.


Recording methods


There are a variety of recording methods that may be used to best capture the behavior of concern and/or the skill replacement behavior that is targeted for acquisition. At Nurture and Nature, we select the measurement method(s) that will be the most informative.  A common practice is the use of frequency or event recording data informs the data collector on the number of times a behavior occurred during a specific period of time.


How often is data collected and summarized?


Baseline data will be collected during the assessment and throughout the intervention. Parent data collection methods as suggested by the program supervisor, the baseline data will be established to determine the present level of performance and the current level of skill deficit, as necessary.

During intervention, data will be collected daily on skill acquisition and parent education goals. 


Validating the Data


Nurture & Nature validates their data using a method where the entire clinical team and family takes data and then compares for accuracy of behavior reporting. Fidelity and implementation checks will be taken monthly during supervision visits by the program supervisor. 


Privacy & Record Keeping


Guided by the ethical code of the BACB and HIPAA, Nurture & Nature will code all data and keep all files locked in secured cabinets. All data that is collected, is coded to protect the client’s confidentiality, all data will be collected and records maintained for a period of seven years, as in compliance with state laws.  


Client Records


All client files are kept confidential, in accordance with the HIPAA regarding client’s right to privacy, and kept under lock and key in a locked office.  Access to each client’s file will be limited to the Nurture & Nature team, funding sources and parents.  All hard copies of data will be filed and kept on site for a period of 7 years.