Adaptive Skills Program Goals 

It is the goal of Nurture and Nature to provide Adaptive Skills Services to our clients and their families by accessing the needs in the skill domain areas of Socialization, Communication, Personal Hygiene, Self Help, and Community Integration, Community Based Instruction and Participation. 

Goals will be met by utilizing the principles of reinforcement, errorless learning and shaping.  Interventions will occur in the most natural environment for the client.

Programs will be created for the individual encompassing cultural beliefs, safety plans, realistic expectations, empirical strategies and parent education.

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Nurture and Nature recognizes the need for Adaptive Skills and looks to apply the best practice standards for client skill acquisition.

Parent participation is a requirement that will support teaching strategies and aid in faster skill acquisition and provide for lasting effectiveness and positive long-term outcomes.

Anticipated Consumer Outcomes

Nurture and Nature is committed to family education that will teach parents, guardians, grandparents, and/or siblings living at the same domicile to access behavioral support so they can be trained to increase their child’s skill acquisition with ABA services.

Quality assurance will be provided by using observable and measurable goals, all programs will be overseen by a qualified supervisor and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Clinical meetings will occur quarterly to include parent participation and a review of progress. Services will utilize individualized teaching strategies to promote generalization to ensure long-term outcomes with care and compassion.