Grievance Procedures 

Nurture & Nature encourages open and honest communication between all parties involved.  If client or family has a grievance, they will be heard and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate necessary changes.  

Client Rights as per Lanterman Act

If you have a developmental disability, you have the right to:

•    Treatment, and services and supports to help you live the most independent, productive, and “normal” life possible.
•    Services that protect your freedom in the least restrictive way.
•    Dignity, privacy, and humane care.
•    Treatment, services and supports in natural, community settings, as much as possible.
•    Participate in an appropriate public education program, regardless of your disability.
•    Prompt medical care and treatment.
•    Freedom of religion, conscience, and freedom to practice your religion.
•    Participate in community activities, and interact with peers.
•    Physical exercise and recreation.
•    Be free from harm, including unnecessary physical restraints, isolation, excessive medication, abuse or neglect.
•    Say “no” to unsafe procedures.
•    Make choices in your own life. This includes where you want to live, who you want to live with, your relationships, how you spend your free time, your education, and work, your personal goals, and making a plan that fits your needs, and wants.

Choices and Decision-making

You have the right to:

•    Have DDS, regional centers, service providers, and others give you information you can understand to help you make choices.
    The Law Gives You Rights    Supplement B
•    Have DDS, regional centers, service providers, and others give you the chance to make decisions.
•    Have DDS, regional centers, service providers, and others respect your choices.